National Junior Honor Society:

The NJHS is an academic honors organization. In addition to scholarship, Honor Society students demonstrate the characteristics of leadership and service. Specific criteria for invitation to membership include the following:

  • Students must have earned a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 in both the sixth and seventh grades

  • Received no more than two 2's in conduct over the two grade levels

  • Students must receive recommendation for the admittance from all of his/her former teachers indicating that the student possess a strong sense of character and community.

Student Council:

Student Council has elected officers and includes representatives and grade level senators who help coordinate, organize, and perform duties in accordance with the Student Government State Association's Constitution and Bylaws. The council sponsor special student events and service projects.

Battle of the Books:

This is a district wide middle school competition in which 6 students compete in a "quiz bowl" style against other schools to answer questions about the current list of books that have been nominated for the Sunshine State Readers Award. Lockhart is a frequent winner in this competition.

Spanish Club:

Our Spanish Club will focus on the cultural experience, social skills, and build team work. Students will be part of a number of activities such as school beautification, Veteran's Day dedication and social activities that will enhance their understanding of the Spanish culture and community.

Sea Cadets: 

Sea Cadets is a military style organization for young men and women between the ages of 11 to 18. This program takes the core values of the military and instills them in its young cadets, through training and discipline. The Sea Cadets are involved heavily in school and community activities.


The Lancerette's is an all-girl pep-squad for Lockhart students in grades 6-8. This squad instills school and community pride; along with enhancing their individual self-esteem by being an active member that positively motivates others. The Lancerette's cheer in several different sports activities throughout the year, hold fundraisers for their squad and community projects, and participate in school functions as positive members that enhance the schools environment.