LMS Reading classes provide intensive support to students who need assistance with particular literacy skills. The Reading Department collaborates closely with the Lockhart Literacy League to promote a love for reading, which should in turn prompt the desire to read more and thereby strengthen these deficient areas.

Lockhart Literacy League

Lockhart Middle school launched its Literacy League in the fall of 2010. The purpose of the league is to infuse literacy activities across the campus that will promote a love for reading and in the process improve student achievement. Our goal is simple: to provide reading experiences that are both gender and culturally relevant, that will motivate our students to want to read more, not just about their immediate worlds, but the global markets in which they will soon have to compete. If learning is made to be fun, challenging, as well as relevant to how these 21st century learners process information, then as they enjoy the learning process, they will experience improved academic achievement.

The activities are as follows

 “Are you Smarter than a Middle Schooler”

This will take the format of a game show with 3 adults versus 3 students, who will randomly answer questions based on a Sunshine State book. The game will be streamed into the classrooms.

“Hero of the Scroll”

Playing on the video game “hero” phenomenon- this challenge is about reading and having fun while, learning more about the world. Classes compete for students to accumulate points for books they have read and taken AR quizzes.  

“Essay Contest”

Students will be given opportunities across -the-curriculum to write competitively. Writing creates active learners and active learners are active thinkers.

“Classroom Storytelling Project”

In the 4th marking period of the year, grade level Social Studies Teachers will have students create stories about a unit or topic.

“Reading Lounge”

Coming soon: Monday thru Thursday before and after school, the Media Center will be open from 9-9:30 and after school on Mondays and Tuesday from 4-5 pm for kids who want to come in and read for pleasure as well as complete AR book tests.

“I read to the Principal”

During DERTC (Drop Everything Read Think and Construct), a small group of students will get to read to the Principal, Mr. Hollinhead, who will provide them with a token of their reading encounter.

“Spelling Bee”

This is based on the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The purpose is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives. Students compete at the grade level, then for a winner school wide, who then goes on to compete at the county and then state level. The champion of each local spelling bee sponsor's program qualifies for participation in the Scripps National Spelling Bee near Washington, D.C.

Curriculum Leader: Cleve Gregory ext: 2236