2020-2021 Dress Code

LMS Dress Code Standards

  • Jeans/Pants MUST NOT have ANY holes, rips, or frays (even if there is material or leggings underneath the pants or jeans)
  • Dresses and skirts MUST be at fingertip length
  • No tight or form-fitting clothing
  • No tank tops or spaghetti straps
  • No leggings, tights, or yoga pants, or athletic/workout pants
  • Shirt and dress sleeves MUST minimally be the width of an ID card
  • No slides, flip flops, backless shoes, Crocs or bedroom slippers on campus at ANY time
  • No sheer or see-through clothing
  • No bandanas or sweatbands of ANY kind
  • No crop or bare midriff tops
  • No off the shoulder or plunging V-neck tops
  • Pants MUST be secured at the waist with a belt or drawstring
  • No undergarments are to be exposed
  • No hats, hoods, headphones, or earbuds will be permitted on campus before, during, or after school
  • No fanny packs are allowed on campus at any time
  • Student ID’s must be worn at ALL times while on campus or on OCPS property