2020-2021 Virtual Open House

This event will be similar to the traditional Open House events we have hosted in the past; however, this year we will move to the virtual platform. 

Parents will start with a welcome message from Principal James and our Annual Title 1 Meeting. Starting at 5:25PM, parents/students will log into the student Canvas account and will follow the student’s schedule period by period to visit each of the classes in the live platform (Big Blue Button or Microsoft Teams).

The schedule will be as follows:

5:30 PM - Log into Canvas and find first period course and live session


  • 1st period  5:30-5:38
  • 2nd period 5:43-5:51
  • 3rd period  5:56-6:04
  • 4th period  6:09-6:17
  • 5th period  6:22-6:30
  • 6th period  6:35-6:43
  • 7th period  6:48-6:56


Tips for successfully attending a Virtual Open House Session

  • Use the student’s laptop to access the Virtual Open House
  • Students should log into Launchpad/Canvas using their student account; Parents will not be able to view live sessions from their Parent Access Canvas account
  • Your student should act as a personal tour guide. At this point, students should be comfortable navigating from class to class
  • Teachers will be posting the link to the live session on their Canvas course home page
  • Ideally, families will follow the student’s period by period schedule. Depending upon the method in which teachers have set up their classes in Canvas, it may or may not be possible to attend an open house session during a period in which the student is not rostered for.
  • While attending a live session make sure your microphone is turned off to prevent distracting background noise
  • Each session is only 8 minutes long. Use the chat box to ask questions so the teacher can address the answers throughout the session. If you still have questions once the session is over, please email the teacher
  • Teachers may or may not enable participant’s webcams. You do not have to be on camera, but if you are be mindful of what is happening in your background