Schedule Changes

Every effort is made to give students the best most rigorous schedule.  Students are placed in classes based on academic performance, performance on state tests, and academic history. Schedules may be changed during the first 10-15 days of school.  Parents and students may request changes and all schedule changes will be reviewed and attempted.  Please know that some changes may not be possible due to appropriate placement, seat limit restrictions, students not having met placement criteria or other master schedule restrictions.  Classes could be dissolved or leveled during the third week of school.   Schedules will not be changed to change teachers, periods, lunch shifts, or electives if no seats are available or the deadline has passed.

If students/parents have a problem in a particular class or with a teacher, please contact the teacher directly.  The student/parent may also contact the student’s guidance counselor after working with the teacher to have another person assist in finding resolution that maximizes student achievement.    In some cases, a parent teacher conference may be required to attempt to solve the problem or develop interventions to prevent the issues.  A dean or administrator may be invited to any additional parent/teacher/counselor conferences to help assist in developing further plans to maximizing the best chance for student success.